Sunday, November 11, 2007


I'm becoming a coffee addict. I never used to drink coffee, but since I've had the baby it's become a habit. I keep saving it for the mornings I REALLY need it. You know, the mornings after I've been up all night with Dean. The problem is, that for the past few months that has been every morning. I never make New Year's resolutions, but I think this year cutting off the coffee will be mine. If not, I guess I'll have to quite during the next pregnancy round.

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Anonymous said...

hmmm...I'm thinking about global warming and the slow food movement.... I recently read an article about chocolate and what it's doing to the economy of the African nation where it's grown (think poverty, hunger, graft, etc)and then today's chron had another artle about making a connection between losing weight (less red meat and more excercise) and global warming - how if we americans would eat less and walk more we could go along way towards improving the world for Dean's generation. So when I read about your thoughts about coffee, it makes me think I should also give up my tea and just drink what I grow in the garden.