Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Waking Dreams

Medicine is still working pretty well for me. I feel some pain, but it's managable. I'm also very itchy from head to toe. I'm unable to eat solids today because I'm so swollen there's not a lot of room for the food to go through.

Medicine making me loopy? Yes. I've spent most of the last 24 hours with some really weird dreams. The oddest part is that I'm dreaming them with my eyes open and aware of everything that's going on around me in the "real" world. Basically, I'm still awake.
Examples of Dreams:
1.) Lucas has a fro and I've got long hair parted down the center.We're wearing 70's clothes. Suddenly we realize we've been tense around eachother because we've arranged the furniture in the wrong way.
2.) I'm thinking about how to make a milkshake without waking Dean and begin to wonder if the milk and the icecream are offended about being mixed. Suddenly there is an image of a talking milk (deep voice) and icecream (high voice) asking what the problem is. Don't people like them just the way they are?

Dean's been doing well with all of the daddy time and daycare. He had an injury this morning though. It was one of those "I told you so" moments. Dean's mommy (yeah that's me) is always talking about not setting the carseat on the couch or other high surfaces. Today, after Dean toppled off of the hopechest in his carseat, we found that mom was not in fact being over protective about that one. He's got a pretty good bump on his forehead, but I think he's ok.


Greg said...

Heehee, funny stuff.

(I hope Dean is ok)

lizzieb said...

I feel for you, Christina. Heal fast! That fog can produce some very interesting results!