Friday, July 27, 2007

In Gratitude of a Brother (or 4)

My family is full of loving, caring people who want to help me succeed and live a happy life. Four of those people are my brothers. They are always there to offer me support, a realistic perspective, and basically anything else I need to get through a rough patch. This year, I've really needed this support between recovering from childbirth, recovering from a tonsillectomy, and difficult decisions like resigning from my job and moving weeks before the school year starts during a tonsillectomy recovery. Here are just a few things they have done, some of which would have been difficult to offer without the support of their wonderful wives.

* offering to fly half way across country to help me through post-pardum depression
* hours on the phone and internet to check and see if I was ok (they called me)
* advice and shared stories of silly things they've done with their babies
* shared stories of scary things that have happened with their babies
* honest perspective on being overprotective and when to chill out
* encouragement for surgery
* it can't be THAT bad attitude for surgery
* it can't be THAT bad attitude for packing up and moving
* reminding me that I've got more time than I think
* check ups to see how I'm feeling and healing (it wasn't THAT bad)
* jokes and funny You Tube videos to lighten up
* a chance to see them being parents on vacation, I need to lighten up (and have)
* a feeling that I'm respected, loved, and cared for
* some time together as a family playing

I may be a little bit high needs lately and possibly spoiled, but I hope that my brothers feel as supported as I have felt. You guys are awesome!

PS I'd like to thank one of those wifes for letting me borrow the picture from her blog. I hope she doesn't mind. *grin*

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