Monday, January 28, 2008


I have been reading a few series over the years and have finally come to the end of both. One was the Harry Potter series. I really enjoyed the last book and thought that JK Rowlings wrapped it up nicely in the end. As with all series that I enjoy, I am sad to depart a long friend and wish there was more.

The other series is a serious disappointment. I began this one when I was 16, so I've been hanging on for nearly 12 years. It was The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. I have only just finished reading the second to last book, but will never know what Robert Jordan had in mind for the final book because he has sadly passed away. What a shame! I am sad for his family and selfishly sad for his readers. I've heard another author will be writing the last Wheel of Time book in his stead. I will read it, but will wonder if it ends the way it's original author had in mind.

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anna said...

I think JK Rowlings did a fantastic job. It's a little odd she announced Dumbledore was gay after the books were finished. I wonder if it will affect the last movies.

From what I've read, Robert Jordan had most of his book written and what he didn't he had pretty decent notes. Most of the final book should be by Jordan with the new guy tidying up the loose ends. I still haven't read the second to last book. I guess I'm waiting for the final. Maybe I should just reread from the first.

Have you read (did we send you) any of the books from The Game Of Thrones series by George RR Martin? They are excellent.