Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Happy New Year to You

I tried a mulled wine for the first time this New Year's Eve. I often read about people drinking it in the books that I read, but have never thought much of it. When my Aunt and Uncle came by a few nights ago, they left a bottle with a mulled wine mix for me to try. I thought, I'd be fancy and pour it out with the teacup my mom bought for me a few years ago.
I don't drink achohol of any sort very often, so I don't have an aquired taste for most drinks. This one was pretty good for the first 1/2 a cup, then I was done with it. Mostly, I liked the cinnamon flavor.
I hardly post with any picture's of myself, so I had Lucas take a picture. I know I hold my tea cup a bit awkwardly.


anna said...

I'm the same way with alcoholic drinks. With wine I'm ok for the first few sips, then I could just as well not drink it. You look too cute holding the teacup.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. You're happy, beautiful and all smiles and you hold your teacup just fine. I would know being the daughter of an English lady and I have almost 60 years of experience holding tea cups! :) All recipies.com has a great nonalcholic recipe for cider wasail that has the cinnmom. We liked that so much that we never did get around to making the mulled wine this year. And for your drinking friends, they had put a bit of rum in it and it tastes good that way too.