Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Stuck on Pictures

I feel like I always have to post with pictures, and so I wait to post. Now a month and a second new computer later, here I am thinking of not posting because I only have a few minutes and the camera parts aren't all out of their box yet. I now realize that I have missed some important posts over this silly requirement of mine. Time to post picture free in my few minutes.


We are all unpacked except for the garage. Our house that we own is clean and ready to be rented. Dean has started his second new day care because the one he was attending in our new town was crummy. He seemed much better when I picked him up today, but is adjusting to the new routines and providers. He's been saying some words and can stand unsupported for a few seconds. I just adore him and want to stay with him all of the time.

We visited with my family this weekend, which was really nice. Dean and I hung out with Mom while Lucas and Jon (my brother) hung out with Dad.

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