Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New Town, New Computer

Well, we're finally here. I'm sorry for those of you who have been awaiting another post from me. About the time we moved in to the house (1 1/2 weeks ago) our computer went kapooey. We had to break down and buy a new one. It's up and running, but the rest of the house isn't yet. We've got boxes everywhere. I think it'll stay that way for a while,as I'm also starting a new classroom. I'm teaching fourth grade this year and I've started the year 2 weeks late. It's been challenging, but I'm really enjoying this years batch of kiddos.

Dean is doing well. He's pulling him self up into a standing position. Last night he did this, then he tried to climb into the bathtub. Scary, but fun. I'll try to post pictures as soon as we unpack the box with my camera pieces in it. I've got photos, but no way to load them. Stay tuned.

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Patricia Stuever said...

OH I'm so HAPPY you found something. Christopher's doing well he has the same teacher as last year(loves it)lots or reading, spelling and math with bubble things going on around here.

Alex has a followup assessment Friday the first one didn't go so well and they are doing further testing on his speech so there's a chance he may be starting preschool early.

Trever's making his way up and down the stairs.

Thomas is still in the adjusting from sitting up to crawling stage he can get almost anywhere but he uses various means to do so ...rolling over...scooting...whatever he can. He also gets up on two feet and two hands puts his butt in the air and trys to stand up but he's not strong enough to yet really.