Saturday, October 13, 2007

Baby Walkers

Now adays baby walkers are considered unsafe by some, as well as a great way to impare children as they learn how to walk independently. I can't help but laugh as Dean's managed to find his own unsafe walker with out any help from us adults. He likes to use the dining room chairs to help him cruise around. Smart little goof.

Dean's favorite toys:
any old shirt, chairs, blinds, and trash cans.

Items he's scared of:
vaccuum cleaner

To make him laugh:
make growling noises into his sides, and play peek aboo with sunglasses

To make him cry:
walk out of the room, turn on the above mentioned vaccuum cleaner, make him try on his Halloween costume (I guess he wanted to be a Ninja and not a Giraffe)

To make mom laugh:
Dean blows rasberries on my cheeks. Gets me every time.

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