Monday, August 13, 2007

What's that smell?

After a long weekend looking for housing and daycare, we've got a bit of a feel for the town we're moving to. IT STINKS. No, really, it smells bad. Apparently if the wind blows one way you get the smell of sulfur and the other way a manure smell. Yummy. I don't mind the manure smell so much.

It's the biggest small town I've ever seen. Lucas and I found many thing that brought us humor. One of which was the Post Office/Liquor store.

One of the selling points for some of the apartments and homes that we were looking at renting was their location next to the river. Here's the river. Maybe it has water in it at other times in the year, but the no diving sign gave us a good laugh.

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Patricia Stuever said...

Ahh the smell of sulfur...Where I'm from the call it the smell of money. My Dad worked at Weyerhaeuser Paper Co for 32 years until he "retired" with his disability. For whatever purpose they use sulfur there too. I remember asking Jeremi what smelled like sulfur the first time I had smelled a skunk in San Diego...hope your apartment/house hunting goes well.